Notadventure II

Notadventure II is a fun-filled text adventure game spoofing Adventure
(Crystal Cave) is an unusual game (but it is much easier to get
the crystals). The objective: to get the crystal and get home. The
game will take you all the way home (so if you get killed before you
get home, try it again). It is designed to keep you alive in the first
half. Note that it is really played for humor, and there are many
surprises throughout. (This game is really much easier than Crystal

This version should run on all Macs from the 512 (pre-Plus) on up. It
was compiled using MS QuickBasic. The source code is gone, so this is
the last version. (The first version ran on the DataGeneral Eclipse).

-- Dr. David Zatz (

Path: /www/exparrot/

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