Omega 0.80.2 (1.0) - A Roguelike Game

This is a new port of the roguelike game, Omega, to the Mac. It is based
on the most recent Omega sources, Omega 0.80.2. Several known bugs
in the 0.80.2 release of Omega were fixed in this port and the ASCII
text representation of the game world has been replaced with 8x12
graphical icons. This port is a 68k binary requiring System 7 or better,
and 640x480 color video or better. Distribution is governed by the
following except from the license distributed with the program -

Anyone may make a copy of omega, and distribute the copy, so long
as this license remains accessible (via the 'P' command). Distribution
must be free of charge (except, possibly, for the physical medium).

-Sheldon Simms

Path: /www/exparrot/

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