Scenario Maker 3D DR1

The attached file contains Developer Release 1 of the Scenario Maker 3D

ScenarioMaker 3D is used to create 3D environments to be used in Sword
Dream 3D. Sword Dream 3D is a three-dimensional adventure gaming system for
the Macintosh. Your surroundings are in three-D (just like in Marathon?,
Doom? or Descent?). Still, this isn't a shoot-em-up videogame: it's a
think-first, act-later game. And it's fun for days, not minutes...

Sword Dream 3D itself is undergoing final beta testing and will be released
in the next two weeks. Both Sword Dream 3D and ScenarioMaker will be made
available in English, French and Italian.

A read-me file in the package describes the 3D features for this program. A
full-length manual in Microsoft Word 5.1 format can be downloaded from
Full details on Sword Dream 3D are available at
A complete list of the features for the 3D Engine in Sword Dream 3D, and
how they will be supported in the subsequent Developer Releases for
ScenarioMaker 3D can be found at

Hardware requirements: a 68040 or PowerPC Macintosh, with 14", 256 colors
monitor, and System 7.

ScenarioMaker 3D is freeware and can be freely re-distributed. For more
info, use e-mail.

Luca Accomazzi (primario) (Macformat Italia)

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