EPS Mover 1.0.3 - EPS Preview Conversion Utility

About EPS Mover(tm)

EPS Mover is a Macintosh application from Art Age Software(tm), the makers
of the award-winning applications epsConverter(tm) and EPStoPICT(tm). EPS
Mover can read any portable EPS file (encapsulated PostScript(R) file) and
convert its preview into the proper format for the target platform you
designate. For example, you may have a CD-ROM of EPS clip art that was
created for use on PCs, but which you would like to use on a Macintosh. EPS
Mover can quickly convert the PC EPS files into equivalent Macintosh EPS

System Requirements

EPS Mover requires a Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor running
System 7.0 or later. Because EPS Mover contains only PowerPC native code, it
will not run on older Macs using 68000 series processors.

To install EPS Mover, simply double-click the EPS Mover Installer icon, and
follow the on-screen instructions.

Pricing and registration details can be found in the package.

Version 1.0.3 Changes

* Minor Changes
* Updated web site and email address

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