PhotoStickies 5.4

Use this program to stick multiple photos (located on your local drives
or in the Internet) to your screen, as a fast image viewer, for webcam
viewing, recording & replaying, to display slideshows (with sound), as
a wallpaper utility (e.g. view pictures of day/hour or periodically
rotate through all images of a folder) or just as an advanced

Key features:
- Windows are borderless ("Stickies")
- Windows can float above all or behind all windows
- Supports and even calculates alpha channels and therefore your
stickies don't have to be opaque rectangles
- Records and replays webcams
- Supports fading, transparency and shadows
- Zooms, tiles, rotates and flips images
- Saves and restores multiple window states
- Favorites to access your preferred images easily
- Supports multiple screens
- Is highly multi-threaded and dual processor optimized

What's unique:
- Runs as a menu extra or as an application
- Possibility to click right through images ("Overlay Windows")
- Loads recently posted cams on startup and can post new ones too
- Special webcam mode to save your bandwidth for other tasks or
monitoring lots of webcams at the same time
- Realtime filtering of images, webcams and slideshows (e.g. blur,
sharpen, contrast, brightness, edges etc.) to improve display quality
- User-defined matrix filters
- Displays slideshows and replays webcams with sound
- Minimized webcam and slideshow windows are updated and support fading
- Saves (filtered) images as TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG or JPEG files or
copies them to the clipboard

License: Shareware (US $12)

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher


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