Render-Boy v2.3.0 Extras

Render-Boy is an integrated solids based 3D modeler and photo-realistic
"ray-tracing" renderer for MacOS computers. What does that mean? Well, using
Render-Boy's simple graphic user interface, you can create 3D designs in a
truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) point&click fashion. You can
specify how design surfaces should look (dull, shiny, mirrored, color, texture,
etc) and add working light sources to illuminate your design. Then, in one
step, you tell Render-Boy to "render" it, which means create a photo-realistic
image (or even an animation!) by mathematically tracing the rays of light
around your design. You will get shading, shadows, refelections, refractions,
glinty spots, even fog, and all of this is 100% automatic.

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