AudioTools Pro 5.1

AudioTools Pro 5.1

May be included in CD ROM collections

Requirements: Any Mac with FileMaker Pro 5.0 or later.
Standalone applications for OS X and OS Classic available.

AudioTools Pro provides close to 40 production calculators and utilities
that are often needed during audio production.

Key features:
- setup help for effect processors, such as delay, reverb, etc.
- conversion factors between loops, time dilation, and detuning.
- various sample length and rate calculators.
- conversion between Midi tuning scales and cents.
- glossary of audio terminology.
- quick reference and recording tips for orchestral and other instruments.
- tap tempo feature.
- MIDI patch number format conversion.
- conversion between pitch, frequency and Midi note number.
- interactive circle of fifths.
- A-440 tuning reference.
- real time and time code calculator.

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