CHEAP-Hardware and CDs

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CHEAP-Hardware and CDs

1x 10baseT ethernet cards-pulled from a LC 575-$8.00 Shipped Each
2x Apple 2x CD-ROM-pulled from a LC 575-$6.00 Shipped Each
2x Small hard drive-not sure of the size but it's probably around 230mb. I can check on the size if there is any interest in it-pulled from a LC 575.-$6.00 Shipped Each
I can get you just about any part off of an LC 575 if you need it.(other than motherboards)
Personality card for Biege G3s-it's not an AV one.-$8.00 Shipped
150Mhz 604 CPU for 7000/8000 Mac-$8.00 Shipped
132Mhz 604 CPU for 7000/8000 Mac-$6.00 Shipped
256K Cache card for 7000/8000? Mac-$6.00 Shipped
2x 32mb PC100.-$4.00 Shipped Each
ADB Apple Keyboards-Some are the little ones that came with the Mac Classics, and the others are AppleDesign Keyboards.-$8.00 Shipped Each
5.25 Apple external floppy drives-$5.00 Shipped Each
3.5 Apple external floppy drives.-$5.00 Shipped Each
92MM fan-Pulled from my G3 AIO, model number is AFB0912H-$4.00 Shipped

I also have a good size list of like-new CDs for sale. All of them come with their case and all their inserts. The majority of them are country CDs but there are also other ones. It's worth a look anyways.'s.html If somebody would happen to by a bunch of them, I could make some sort of deal.
All CDs are $5.00 shipped and double CDs are 8.00 shipped.

Prices are shipped to the 48 states that are connected, extra for the other 2 states and Canada.
I only take money orders and maybe cash, as I don't have paypal and checks take to long.
When I get your money I'll ship out your item/items. They will go USPS.
I have a few refs on heatware ( and ebay under thepowertoburn.
Offers are welcome also.
Post here, AIM me, or email me.
Oh and I am in Iowa.