ARA+ 1.03 (ARA communication utility)

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1993 01:28:14 +0100

Here is the latest version of ARA + (v 1.0.3) by Benjamin Herrenschmidt.
This is a very useful addition to Apple Remote Access I use everyday
because of the automount feature (though I also have QuickKeys).
It is also compatible with ARA 2.0.

ARA+ 1.0.3 is a US$ 20 (FF 100) shareware and Benjamin can be reached

ARA+ is a little application (it uses 120K of RAM) which displays a
status bar. This status bar contains the state of AppleTalk Remote
Access along with some way to control this state: if your are
connected to a remote host, you have a "Disconnect" button on the
right of the status bar, else you have a popUp of connection files.
This popUp if configurable.
The status bar has two position "small" and "large". "large" is the
default one and can be changed with the little switch on the left of
the window.
When in "small" position, if you are connected you have the connection
time and the little "D" button, if you are disconnected you have only
the popUp. In "large" you always have the popUp or the button with
full title AND the status message.

ARA+ adds many features to ARA: It knows some AppleEvents: you can
establish a connection and disconnect with AppleEvents. A little aete
resource allows you to use these AppleEvents with AppleScript. A future
version will implement more AppleEvents.
There is a "Smart disconnect" feature (enable by default) which will try
to unmount all the remote AppleShare volumes before disconnecting.
ARA+ can add volume mounting informations to connection files in order
to automount these volumes when a connection is established.


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