[*] Apple ARA Server 1.0->2.1.0 Client Enablers

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 16:13:49 -0800

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Apple Provides Software to Allow ARA 2.0.1 Servers to Accept Calls from ARA 1.0

Cupertino, California--August 23, 1994

Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the availability of software that allows
custmers using the latest server software for Apple Remote Access (Version
2.0.1) to accept calls from Apple Remote Access (ARA) Version 1.0 clients. The
new software, available immediately at no charge to ARA customers in the U.S.,
is easy to install and enables both Apple Remote Access Personal and MultiPort
Servers (versions 2.0.1) to accept calls from ARA 1.0 clients.

The server software does not provide any additional enhancements beyond
enabling Version 1.0 clients to access Version 2.0.1 servers nor does it add
ARA 2.0 functionality to the ARA 1.0 client (In fact, no changes need to be
made to any 1.0 client). Customers that do not require connections from ARA
1.0 clients to 2.0.1 servers do not need to update their remote access server

The latest version of the Apple Remote Access product family includes both
hardware and software which allows individuals or workgroups to easily access
information and services remotely over a variety of connections, ranging from
telephone lines to cellular telephone links. The product family includes the
Apple Remote Access Personal Server for Macintosh(R), Apple Remote Access
MultiPort Server and Apple Remote Access Client for Macintosh. Additionally,
the product line includes expansion products such as an X.25 network expansion
kit and the Apple IP Gateway.

The Apple Remote Access Update is available immediately at no charge to
current Apple Remote Access customers in the U.S. The software update can be
obtained from users groups and electronic bulletin boards such as e*World,
Compuserve or AppleLink.

This software enhancement is subject to terms and conditions and is void where
prohibited by law, taxed or restricted.

Emilio Robles John McCreadie
Apple Computer, Inc. Regis McKenna, Inc.
(408) 862-5671 (408) 974-4398


Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.,
registered in the United States and other countries.


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