[*] America Online Download Manager Assistant

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1993 11:24:55 -0600

America Online Download Manager Assistant (AOL DM Assist) 1.0b6

This is AOL DM Assist, an unofficial External Tool for use with the America
Online 2.0 software for the Mac. AOL DM Assist is a utility which provides
many features lacking in the Download Manager. It does not replace DM, it
enhances it & complements it. Many of these features are ones that I hope
to see AOL add to the DM in later releases of the File Transfer Tool. Until
then, I've created this. It does not modify, in any way, the America Online
program or any of its Tools, nor does it affect the operation of the AOL
software. The only AOL-related file which this program affects is the
Mailbox files (as selected by the user).

Primarily, AOL DM Assist allows you to manipulate the files in your
Download Manager queues. You can move files up or down in the list to
change the order that they are downloaded. You can easily delete multiple
entries (DM can only delete one entry at a time--try clearing 100 entries
from your Completed Downloads queue that way ;). I also added a "Holding
Queue", so that you can hide entries from the DM to prevent them from being
transferred during a FlashSession while still retaining the file info for
later transfer. You can also reset any file to an untransferred state. Note
that all this must be done while offline and while not running the AOL
software. The AOL DM Assist package also contains ResEdit TMPL's for
editing the file queue resources.

America Online Download Manager Assistant is free (all I ask is that you
send me email with your comments--positive and/or negative--on my little
utility, or suggestions for features that you would like to see in AOL's
Download Manager), though you may send cash if you feel it has saved you
from headaches that the DM alone would have caused--I promise I won't stop
you .

I am considering writing a similar "External Tool" for improving the mail
interface of AOL--better address lists, multiple "folders" for filing
incoming messages based on subject/source/etc., easier message deletion,
and so forth. This presumes that AOL does not make such improvements
themselves in the near future. If there is something that you would like to
see as far as improvements to AOL's mail or download interface, let me know
and I'll consider them.


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