Cardbus and PCMCIA?

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Cardbus and PCMCIA?


I'm wondering if Cardbus is compatible with PCMCIA. I have a Thinkpad 600E and I have the opportunity to purchase a Cardbus ethernet adaptor for a good price, however, I am unsure if it will work in my machine. Any and all help is always appreciated.


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Kinda Sorta

The two are often mixed up by sellers- PCMCIA is the older verion and cardbus is the newer standard. Both use the same form factors so outside of support docs there usually isn't a good way to tell what a card is. flash memory, Network cards are usually PCMCIA compatible IIRC. Firewire, USB, video, DVD decoders and other high speed adapters are normally cardbus

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pcmcia cards will plug into c

pcmcia cards will plug into cardbus slots but if your notebook isn't cardbus compatible then the cardbus cards won't plug in fully. (pcmcia is backwards compatible with cardbus).

Google is your friend and i found this:

So yes you have a cardbus slot.

Rule of thumb. cardbus was introduced around the pentium 166-200mhz cpu laptops (I think) so if its newer than a pentium 2 or so, then most likely it has cardbus, if its a peintum 133, then you need to check.

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NuBus/PCI Architecture = PCMCIA/CardBus

. . . on Macs and PowerBooks the distinction would be:

PCMCIA = NuBus Slot Manager I/O = 1400 or earlier
CardBus = PCI Slot Manager I/O = 2400/3400 or later

AFAIK, of course!


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