Hayes Modem Tool Color Pics

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 20:21:11 +0500

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Here is just something I did the other night. I "colorized" the pictures
in the Hayes Modem Tool. These are the pictures that show up while it is
dialing out or receiving a call.

I don't expect anyone to pass out from the briliance of these pictures, but
I just figured that if anyone else was annoyed at the black and white-ness
of the Hayes Modem Tool, then they could use this.

Actually, I'm not sure if anyone still uses this as much as I do. I've
never been able to get the Apple Modem Tool to work just right with my Zoom
14.4 Fax. Perhaps the HMT is outdated; alas though, I'm digressing.

To install: double click the enclosed HMT Color resedit file. While in
resedit, open your current Hayes Modem Tool and copy the resource from my
file to yours. It seems to work without rebooting or anything, but
remember, some comm programs load the tool at startup, so if one is
running, you may need to quit and restart the application to notice any

If you feel I missed something, you think I have bad taste in colors, or
you have suggestions on what I better use my free time to do, let me know.
My address is Linger@starsys.laf.in.us.

And, in case it wasn't obvious, feel free to distribute at will.

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