Mac-FTP-list, Version 4.5.5

This is the latest edition (Jan 1, 2000) of the Mac-FTP-list.

The Mac-FTP-list lists over 150 mac anonymous ftp sites (some with notes),
over 110 Mac web pages, and contains some instructions on how to use anonymous
ftp and find files as well a format chart showing which programs decompress
and decode which files. Also there is a section on how to use certain files.

This archive contains both the text and html versions of
the Mac-FTP-list.

To ensure that the columns in the Format Chart section line up correctly the
document's text must be in a monospaced font such as Courier 10pt, Monaco 9pt,
or a PC equivalent.

Changes: Format chart updated; moved to;

Added sites/URLs: None;

Defunct sites/URLs: None;

Path: /www/exparrot/

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