Seeking personal recommendations for OCR software for OSX

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Seeking personal recommendations for OCR software for OSX

I'm shopping around for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software for OSX. OmniPagePro X is marketed well, but I have no idea how well it works.

I've downloaded and am testing the demo for ReadIrisPro9 (don't let the name fool you, it is for OSX), and it doesn't work well at all with the one feature that attacted me to it; the ability to do an OCR scan from an image document (like a JPEG picture).

Frankly, the OCR that came with my girlfriends Epson scanner does a better job than ReadIris, but it has limited capabilities, is slow and cumbersome, and only runs in OS9.

I need some personal testimonials on what others have found success with when scanning for text. I've Googled around, I've read the reviews, companies claim to have received awards for their products, the more of that type of research that I've done, the more I get confused. Help me please. Thanks in advance.


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Ominpage for Windows

We use Omnipage Pro for Windows here at work. It works pretty well. It's fairly accurate, and it highlights words it's unsure of to correct them. I'm not sure how close the Windows and Mac versions are, but I would assume they are similar when it comes to the actual OCR portion of their work. The only thing I don't like about it is the interface design, but it may be better on the Mac, and it does it's job regardless.

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