Scanning in OS X

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Scanning in OS X

I have a Brother MFC-5200C multifunctional unit that I like pretty well. It has a USB port, and works (supposedly) with Macs. I've downloaded and installed the drivers on my beige G3 running OS X. What software do I use to scan things now? The only thing I've ever used to scan something at home was ColorIt 3.0 on my 5200 with my 12 year old Microtek scanner. The G3 has a Belkin USB 2-port card in a PCI slot. I tried printing to it, and it wouldn't print. My Epson 880 works fine on the same card, so it's not the card's problem.

I run 10.2.8 with 128 MB RAM.
Thanks! :macos:

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Image Capture

If the scanner works, then you should be able to see it in Image Capture.

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My Canon scanner works fine i

My Canon scanner works fine in OS X yet it doesn't show up in Image Capture. So this isn't necesarilly the case...

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Same Here

I've got an Canon LiDE 30 that only shows up in the CanoScan app and Photoshop. If you're not having much luck you can always try VueScan.

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It has to be twain to work with image capture i think...

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And if it needs twain and the

And if it needs twain and there are no twain drivers for your scanner you might look for the TWAIN SANE package. It uses the Linux SANE scanner drivers and interfaces them to the OS X TWAIN interface. So far my scanner doesn't like it much, but I have had a few sucesses. It isn't fun to trouble shoot if you are familiar with a shell interface, and it'll be really hard if you never evne used the Terminal..


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