Wireless Woes

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Wireless Woes

Well, today the Linksys WAP11 I ordered from Radio Shack (they're getting better, IMO) arrived. I had bought it to use as a repeater to extend the signal from my BEFW11S4 (Wired/Wireless router). So I plug it into the ethernet port on the BEFW11S4, go to the IP address for configuration, and find that it only bridges between the wireless-only Linksys AP's (G,B,A/B, A/G). This is quite a letdown, since I had also purchased an extension cord and a power socket adapter for the lightbulb socket in my attic. I now plan to buy a WET11 or the equivelent from D-Link (much cheaper) and connect that to the WAP11. I need a crossover cable to use it as a bridge with a computer. But it still has the same limitation it has in repeater mode: Linksys only, wireless only APs. While I am saving up the money for an ethernet bridge, does anybody have any ideias about what I could do with it? I don't want to buy anything other than a crossover cable, which I will need anyway for the Ethernet bridge. Any suggestions?