BanzaiReader - for newton message pads

This, my newton freeware package, demonstrating continuous sliding or
slider zooming of images from newton press. Install the two enclosed
packages. You simply select DemoNp from left diamond (BookPicker) popup
menu and 0 or 1 from right diamond (PicturePicker) popup, then drag the
image around or use slider in lower-right-hand corner to zoom about last
penned point. I've included crosshairs to show you the last pen position
where the zoom is about. This helps the eye keep track of where you are
in the image of a map or a book page. I recalled once, Next machines had
advertised such a finder feature based on its powerful processor. When
you dragged your window objects, you didn't merely see an outline but
the whole object moving. With pages of a special sort of newton press
book comprised only of pictures and the help of Steve Weyer's newt
compiler and newton's NTK, I've figured out how to continuously slide
and zoom, on the newton (so far tested on mp2000 and mp130 and very fast
on both). In particular, I have enclosed a sample file (DemoNP) with a
picture of a map page from on the internet and
a typeset page from Los Alamos scientific bulletin board also on the
internet. This allows one to feel like the huge page is just under the
screen to slide about. Cross hairs at the pen let you see your place
marked as you slide it, so you effectively have a huge virtual screen to
read from on a pocket computer. The newton can simulate such large
virtual screens fast! A whole lot can fit in your pocket! Soon, my
newton gps talking-map program will soon will be able to do this. May
you live ten thousand years, Newton, and of course Apple!

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