Newt's Cape 1.5 (browse web, create books)

Newt's Cape 1.5 (21 Jan 98):
creates Newton books with text, graphics, hypertext links,
tables and embedded forms from HTML (HyperText Markup Language) documents
from the web (via NIE) or in your Notepad, Inbox or over a serial connection.

Keywords: web browser, books, HTML, forms, NewtonScript.

Recent Highlights:
- user interface reorganized: Newt's Cape now appears as a 2-line
(expandable) floating panel over the book control bar
- "scale to fit" option for graphics; other preferences added
- customize fonts for FORM objects
- animated GIFs; embed custom NewtonScript form objects
- tested/fixed for NIE 2.0
- improved compatiblity with other utilities
- many bug fixes, improvements in file transfer, status reporting, tag
parsing, book display
- Japanese, German and Chinese versions available
(see newtscape.htm for complete list)

Newt's Cape, along with associated documents and tools, is shareware ($35) --
registered users receive additional documentation, examples, tools and support.

Steve Weyer:

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