Newton - protoResizeBox

ResizeBox ET 1.0
by E. Jeremy Tira-Thompson
663 Mount Hope Rd
South Fork, PA 15956

This is a NewtonScript proto that allows programmers an easy way to create
views that can be intuitively resized by the user. I have included a
sample package which uses several resize boxes in different ways. In this
way, you can easily see how the protoResizeBox feels & reacts with
different settings, and the different design issues to be considered.
(clipping problems in particular - a good scrolling setup would usually be
an ideal solution)

The demo program is a simple little thing that allows you to add polygons
to a main view & then move them around. The views include a
protoResizeBox, and some have multiple protoResizeBoxes. This shows how
the different justifications of the protoResizeBox change its behavior.

[... clip ...]

Any 2.0 Newton system should be capable of running the demo package, and
protoResizeBox may be capable of running on older systems with some
modification. I want to move on to other projects.

It's not my fault if anything goes wrong! Tell me about it though, I will
try to keep it from happening again.

I hereby release this proto as freeware. As long as I get due credit for
the proto, I will be happy. Please inform me of inclusion on any CDs or
other mass distribution.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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