Though apple doesn't support pict2's on a newton, I do.
The following is $5 shareware.
It uses any pict file as input and outputs a slurpee text file. What
is a slurpee text file, you might ask?
With any ascii sending communications program on mac, the newton
slurpee communications program on newton decodes a slurpee text file into
a newton binary file. With these, you can get both mac text and graphics
through the serial port on a newton!
Now, to make the pictures, add mac shareware print2pict and you can
see fully formatted in black and white on your newton anything you can
printout, in sharp zoomable scrollable form, stored there as memory saving
quickdraw commands (macdrawlike picts).
With it you can turn Delorme maps on cd called Street Atlas USA into
zoomable scrollable pictures on your newton. First, you print the map with
print2pict into a mac picture. Click on the application and a minifinder
dialogue shows you pict files to select for processing.
It saves all quickdraw pict 2 information except the yellow
backgrounds which would obscure things on the newton.
I can adapt my source to other maps with other color obscuring
features if you want it specialized to your map database output. Just send
me a sample.
When I receive your shareware fee, I shall send you a zooming
scrolling newton pict-viewer program and upgrades will soon be made
available, if there is sufficient such encouraging response, for a full
blown gps navigational system (for an additional fee of $10).
Send $5 to my address and you will enter my gps beta test community
and get deals on the navigational upgrades.
Paul M. Sheldon
333 Melrose Drive, Apartment 33 B
Richardson, Texas 75080-4655

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