NetPoll for all Newtons

NetNames(tm) AppleTalk Poll is a simple to use network diagnostic
utility that displays and polls named devices on AppleTalk.

NetNames has been on many 'Best Newton Shareware' lists.

It is useful for:
- Network system administrators to troubleshoot AppleTalk networks.
- Newton users trying to print or use the Connection Kit, Newton Backup
Utility or the Newton Package Downloader over an unknown network.
- Users setting up Wireless Network devices.

v1.0 for pre 2.0 Newtons

v2.0 for on 2.0 and 2.1 Newtons.
Tested on a MP120 (2.0), eMate 300 and MP2000.
2.0 Will NOT work on older Newtons, use v1.0

Both version are in the NetPoll.hqx file.

NetNames: Copyright(c) 1993,1994, 1995, 1996 by DigitalInk(tm)
Software. All rights reserved.

NetNames w/ AppleTalk Poll is ego-ware.
- If you like it and use is, you must email me tell me.
- ego-ware is FreeWare but you feed the authors ego Smile
- Commercial distribution restricted.

Jim Lanford
DigitalInk Software Inc.

NetNames may be distributed on internet sites and on-line services
with the unmodified READ ME file. However, commercial shareware
distributors should contact me for permission before including this
program in their collections.

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