Newt's Cape 1.3 (browse web, create books)

Newt's Cape 1.3 (24 Nov 96):
creates Newton books with text, graphics, hypertext links,
tables and embedded forms from HTML (HyperText Markup Language) documents
from the web (via NIE) or in your Notepad, Inbox or over a serial connection.

Keywords: books, HTML, web browsing, forms, NewtonScript.

Feature Summary
- browse web text and graphics via TCP (Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) on NOS 2.0
- compatible with 1.x and 2.0 Newtons (and 2.1: MessagePad2000 and eMate300)
- create Newton books (portrait on 1.x; portrait or landscape on 2.0)
- save books as packages with NewtPack plugin
- process HTML source documents from Notepad, Paperback, Personal Media,
Inbox, or serial/ADSP connection
- customize appearance of many tags via Preferences
- links work within books, between books, and can retrieve URLs via NIE or
- Go and Back navigation link controls added to book controls
- create forms with text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, images, pickers
and buttons
- use NewtonScript to provide custom behavior for links and forms
- create tables that contain text or graphics
- include bitmap and scrollable PICT graphics in books
- convert graphics: GIF directly from the web; or on Mac
(GIF,PICT)/Windows(GIF,BMP) with Newt's Cape Graphics Converter (NCGC)
- extract the text of any Newton book, along with some automatic HTML markup
- combine multiple, smaller books into a large book
- documentation available as HTML or Newton books

Newt's Cape, along with associated documents and tools, is shareware ($35) --
registered users receive additional documentation, examples, tools and
support. Newt's Cape 1.3 and the files listed here are Copyright 1995-96.
S. Weyer and G. Simon, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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