RUNewt 2.5:

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 11:16:37 -0500

runs and installs native applications created by Newt 2.5
or beamed/mailed from RUNewt.

Keywords: native Newton application delivery and transfer, run-time
library, Newt.

RUNewt is freeware to end-users, licensable to developers or others who wish
to distribute it. See RUNewt.txt for further info. For Newt, see
newt-devenv-25.sit.hqx. Copyright 1994, 1995, S. Weyer, All Rights
Reserved Worldwide.

RUNewt serves as an installer (for Newt applications), launcher
(similar to Extras) and a run-time library. You can use it to run
applications you obtain from another Newt user, or to save applications
that you are developing.

runewt25.sit.hqx contains:
- RUNewt25.pkg -- complete version
- RUNwt25L.pkg -- RUNewt lite omits protoEndpoint, most extra platform
Beam/Email commands, install functionality (~40K smaller)
- RUNewt.1st -- this file
- RUNewt.txt -- a longer readme file
(Mac format text files in .sit archive)

Changes in version 2.5 (1/30/95):
- checkboxes show/control installed apps (Install/DeInstall commands removed)
- installs applications more cleanly, generally ("installScripts", "autoParts")
- fixes bug in saving arrays (this affected helpBooks)

Steve Weyer
America Online/eWorld/NewtonMail: SteveWeyer
Compuserve: 74603,2051
AppleLink: WEYER.S

Path: /www/exparrot/

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