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#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-038.txt ****

Today's Topics:

C++ Member Function pointers with Toolbox calls?
CW11 msl problems and relates
Compiler plugins: MW, Apple or Motorola?
Constructor for Java(1.0)
Cross-Platform Development, Mac-Win95?
Custom Menu Defs for Shift and Option Symbols?
Disabling the Application Menu (maura?)
Getting the FSpec of a folder within a folder
How do you paste graphics into SimpleText docs?
How to Hide Menu Bar ?
How to make an invisible folder
How to open a Control Panel with a script
How to programaticaly make an alias of a file ?
How to programaticaly open a Control Panel ?
Netsprockets questions..

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-039.txt ****

Sent: 9/21/97 10:00 PM
Received: 9/21/97 10:38 PM

C.S.M.P. Digest Sun, 21 Sep 97 Volume 4 : Issue 39

Today's Topics:

Appearance manager help
Color question...
CopyBits & dithercopy
DateToString (StringDate) question
Decoding a 32bit value field (characters)? HELP PLEASE
Discrete Cosine Transform (JPEG & MPEG)
DrawString crawls, V.Large FontSize
Eiffel compiler
Find and opening a file.
How can I get a list of mounted volumes?
Localization Question...

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-040.txt ****

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 29 Sep 97 Volume 4 : Issue 40

Today's Topics:

Asynchronous sound
Block Initializer
Codewarrior C++ Standard Template Library (STL) prob's
Does StandardGetFile cause memory leaks?
Drag and Drop : Promised HFS
Getting the highlight menu color ?
How to fade screen to black?
How to make an app drop-launchable
How to tell if volume is CD-ROM
Open Document Apple Event?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-041.txt ****

Today's Topics:

Current Timezone ?
Hierarchical menu?
Macintosh Audio Compression
Metrowerks Code warrior
Pageflipping on the Mac?
Question: Fast Disk Read
SetCursor and cursor management
TextEdit and arrow keys
[Q] OS8 Headers
[Q]: Changing textfonts of dialog items
[Q]Finding trap names...
cron on a mac?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-043.txt ****

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 03 Nov 97 Volume 4 : Issue 43

Today's Topics:

"Composite" AppleEvents
"Unselecting" a editText item?
Advice needed
Any problem with long GWorlds?
Audio CD control?
Drag 'n drop start up (ie aete resource)
Drawing Directly To The Screen
Event Filter Trap Description and Parameters
Graying out an edit field
Growing resources
Help: Getting and Displaying keys

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-044.txt ****

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 12 Nov 97 Volume 4 : Issue 44

Today's Topics:

Changing a menu title text?
Closing PPP Connection
Color table from PICTs
Determining Screen size
Dragging from background app?
Resource XCMD's?
Seeking Rich Text Format (RTF) reference
Strange template problem (C++)
Using the current Desktop pattern
[Q] How do I measure time between two close events...
bitfield question

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-045.txt ****

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 24 Nov 97 Volume 4 : Issue 45

Today's Topics:

3D collision...
AIFF sound files
Dialog picture item opcodes for single gray line
Fast font and screen blitters...
PPC assembler?
Q: timing issues with Sound Manager
Quickdraw fast with regions?
Shutting Down the Comp.?
Updated toolbox references
Which books for 3D programming & 3d maths

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-046.txt ****

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 08 Dec 97 Volume 4 : Issue 46

Today's Topics:

Apple Guide w-o mods to app?
C++, Launching browser? Getting URL displayed?
Detecting screensaver app. or module??
GameCode unavailable !
MPW 3.4.2 - Free?!
Modems and Caller ID
Pane classes
Power Manager help
Removing Custom Icons from files
SpriteWorld 2 with latest CodeWarrior?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-047.txt ****

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 30 Dec 97 Volume 4 : Issue 47

Today's Topics:

Applic. creator registration where?
Audio Frequencies Question
Checking modifiers without GetNextEvent?
Draw Text Vertically
Functional prog languages on the Mac?
Getting HD Capacity > 2GIG
Hiding menu bar
Need blitting advice.
Need format of Apple 80-bit Extended data type
Patching traps (OS-traps & with routine selector)
Q: Appearance manager?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-050.txt ****

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 07 Mar 98 Volume 4 : Issue 50

Today's Topics:

32K Limit, Any work arounds?
Appearance Manager
Floating Windows with TransSkel?
Hacking PowerPC block in application heap ->" Joy!peffpwpc"...
Help! I am trying to launch another app from my app
Mac SCSI Trap?
Making Plug-Ins
Safe way to set orientation in print record?
local volume or mounted volume?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-4-054.txt ****

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 02 Jun 98 Volume 4 : Issue 54

Today's Topics:

AESend() question
ANSI C binary file access
Communicating with ADB device
Get Graphics Device PixMap without cursor on it?
HiliteControl'ing a textEdit
How do I print hairlines??
Pixels in PixMap?
Tcl-Tk for mac?
[Q] Detecting shut down
[Q] Quicktime: How to create, then play, a movie in RAM?
[Q] Sending an 'odoc' event to an application.

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Date: Sat, 12 Mar 94 16:36:28 MET

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 12 Mar 94 Volume 3 : Issue 2

Today's Topics:

Any demo code using PowerPlant out there?
Converting Str255 to float
Creating-removing alias files
Help! Mac Dialog Box Questions
PackBits for resource compression?
Problems with serial routines on AV Macs?
Universal Headers vs. Old Headers
Using handles to purged-unloaded resources
Using the serial ports as an input for a SPDT switch.
WDEF Problems, driving me crazy...
ZcbFree Goes Negative (Error Number 33)
any good magazines?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-003.txt ****

Date: Mon, 14 Mar 94 14:36:48 MET

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 14 Mar 94 Volume 3 : Issue 3

Today's Topics:

A4 Worlds in MPW c-c++? Is it possible?
Documented sliders?
How do I know if AppleTalk uses print port?
How to convert date to seconds *correctly*?
To Handle or not to Handle?
When to unlock?

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#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-004.txt ****

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 94 16:31:03 MET

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 15 Mar 94 Volume 3 : Issue 4

Today's Topics:

Code optimization
Getting Started with TCL
How would you write a text-based log window?
Reducing screen flicker in simple animation.
What to say when the appropiate Gestalts aren't there?
small snag

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#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-005.txt ****

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 16:43:25 MET

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 16 Mar 94 Volume 3 : Issue 5

Today's Topics:

AppleScript: Compiled Script of Applets?
Communications Tool Box Experts?
Execution speed of compiled code
How do I : find out more about an open resource file ?
PopUpMenuControl v. 'mctb', help help
TextEdit caret
What language should I learn?

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-006.txt ****

Date: Fri, 18 Mar 94 16:15:51 MET

C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 18 Mar 94 Volume 3 : Issue 6

Today's Topics:

68K emulation and PPC toolbox questions.
AE coercion handlers ?
ARGH!!! Whamwhamwham!! (DialogSelect stuff)
An offering: Assembly language code for a high speed copybits
Animation speed: here we go again...
Animation speed: improvement!
Animation speed: more info
Animation: the story continues...
Blank Screen?
C code for scrollable application help
Can C be as fast as Assembler? (next...on the McLaughlin Group)
Color Terminal Emulator

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-007.txt ****

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 94 16:00:41 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Volume 3 : Issue 7

Today's Topics:

Drag Manager - where???
Mac SerialPort programming
Release of OpenTransport
access to getinfo comments

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comp.sys.mac.programmer. It is designed for people who read c.s.m.p. semi-

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-008.txt ****

Date: Sun, 3 Apr 94 22:39:07 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Sun, 03 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 8

Today's Topics:

?Time manager code for pascal!
Copying with a mask
Macsbug for PowerMac?
Math on PowerMacs (was Re: PowerMac emulate a 68LC040??)
Passing data through to completion procs?
Sending AppleEvents To Eudora

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-009.txt ****

Date: Tue, 5 Apr 94 15:00:15 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 05 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 9

Today's Topics:

Better QuickTime play rates
Debugging: when does an app start to execute?
Full C++ Mac Framework wanted
MIDI Manager Source Example
Making a font menu
MoreFiles 1.1.1 - example file manager code
NewGWorld - please help!
Thread Manager 2.0

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-010.txt ****

Date: Thu, 7 Apr 94 12:50:06 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 07 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 10

Today's Topics:

*Simple* CopyMask question
C-C++ public domain compiler
Code Fragment Loader and VM
Code to rebuild desktop?
CodeWarrior features?
Graphic Elements release announcement
How to get Finder icon?
Porting Think C to CodeWarrior
Quickdraw GX Beta 3 fun
Spoofing a serial port
Using Think Pascal Library in SC++
rowBytes for the screen too big?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-011.txt ****

Date: Sat, 9 Apr 94 11:03:42 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 09 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 11

Today's Topics:

AddResource() to self?
Changing font when using PopupMenuSelect () Q!
Converting C String to Str255?
How to keep screen savers from activating?
How to save a PICT?
INIT: displaying a dialog
LabView programming group?
Proper way to dim screen
Think Pascal tools for tracking down memory problems
WorldScript compatible Text Editors

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-012.txt ****

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 12:52:57 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 11 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 12

Today's Topics:

Antialiasing code-algo somewhere?
Finding full path names
Global cursor change: how to?
Graphic Elements: an element that isn't there
How do I read digital samples from an audio CD?
I crashed a Power Mac!
Multiple HD Reads, can it be done?
PBDTGetAPPL on a network volume?
PEF, XCOFF Info Wanted
QuickDraw Question
Quickdraw Blend Function Inaccurate?
Read-Save Styled Text Code

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-013.txt ****

Date: Wed, 13 Apr 94 14:54:30 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 13 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 13

Today's Topics:

AppleEvents to Run Excel?
Finding the High Bit
Generating Activate Events
I got my PPC PDS card...
Moving an editText area in a Modal Dialog Q
PPC Development and MPW Tools
PowerMac Programming
PowerMacs and ARTA
Quickdraw GX Beta 3

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-014.txt ****

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 94 10:37:41 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 14 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 14

Today's Topics:

Anyone have code to convert Styled Text to RTF
AppMaker and Prograph Questions
CW: Templates, Exceptions, ASLM, Operator Overloading, etc?
Circuit Simulator's
CodeWarrior Environment
Detecting AV Macs
Need info on easy installers.
Powerbooks, VBL tasks, and slots(?)
QuickDraw GX flame
Real time texture mapping..

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-015.txt ****

Date: Sat, 16 Apr 94 15:19:50 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 16 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 15

Today's Topics:

Accepting aliased folders-disks via Drag Manager?
Anybody know the FULL definition of a Region?
But is it a DA?
How do you direct CD-ROM drive using system commands?
How do you get a copyright?
Print Manager question.
Sending AppleEvents from AppleScript?
Trouble with 'WIND's and window staggering
When-Where WWDC '94 ?
Where is DropShell?
double click?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-016.txt ****

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 94 14:57:43 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 18 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 16

Today's Topics:

AppleTalk ON and OFF
CtoPstr in THINK C 6.0
Highlight colour?
Picture Recording
Speeding up animation; questions
Tools to improve segmentation?
copy file question, code available?
skeleton code generators?

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-017.txt ****

Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 13:09:01 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 20 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 17

Today's Topics:

'aete' and AppleScript
Help on recursive read of directory catalog..?
How can I display TIFF?
Inverting a button in a dialog
Looking for styled TE replacement?
Mounting AFPServer volume...
PPC ThreadManager w-CodeWarrior
RJW: Retrieving application name from OSType Creator
Range of OSErr's for private use?
Simple Q: Assigning char * to char []. How?
[Q] Validity of a memory address
textedit bounds

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-018.txt ****

Date: Fri, 22 Apr 94 12:17:36 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 22 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 18

Today's Topics:

CD-ROM of Mac source code?
Color Quickdraw Intimcay
Custom popup menu
Editable pop-up menus
Females who answer questions?
HELP - PICT File ColorTables and Palettes
Max # of open files
Proper QT PICT creation?
Q: Changing font & size of dialog items
Removing PowerPC code from a fat binary
Roman Numerals
SCSI Drivers

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-019.txt ****

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 94 11:11:52 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 25 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 19

Today's Topics:

C Source Code Wanted: Beginer Examples
Decompressing JPEG images: Help!
Mac Game Programming
Mixed Mode Manager statistics gathering - is it possible?
Pure virtual call from a dtor
Symantec C++ 7.0 (Full)- Initial Impressions
Symantec technical support not home
System 7 Pro & Drag Mgr.
Using PBCatSearch

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-020.txt ****

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 94 17:01:22 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 27 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 20

Today's Topics:

Can background app Paste?
Determing selected-chosen printer
Drawing text vertically...
HELP! Sending apple events
How can I LOCK in a code segment ?
INIT vs. Background Only App.
Info on Graphics Animation Programming?
Launching an application from a program...
Looking for a Windows-Mac portable GUI toolkit or builder
PowerPC Anti-Aliased Text
SubLaunching applications and DA's
System 7 Menu on right side of menubar

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-021.txt ****

Date: Fri, 29 Apr 94 18:37:31 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 29 Apr 94 Volume 3 : Issue 21

Today's Topics:

CW longjmp & destructor
Complete File Directory
Extensions-Patches w-PowerPC
Help: SetEventMask, MacApp, Sub-launching
Macintosh Disk Cache fix -- 25 times speedup
PowerMac Programming & the data bus
QuickDraw GX Questions
Quitting faceless background applications

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-022.txt ****

Date: Mon, 2 May 94 13:41:49 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 02 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 22

Today's Topics:

Best way to handle Moveable Modals?
Can you set the folder in which SFGetFile will open?
Control Panels items font
Fixed Point Math on PowerMac
Keeping DialogPtr's in RAM after startup...
Metrowerks News from MacWEEK
WaitNextEvent Emulated on PoMac!?
X2Fix code generation bug still in SC++ 7.0

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-023.txt ****

Date: Wed, 4 May 94 12:25:07 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 04 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 23

Today's Topics:

CCollaborator bug
Embedding PICTS in TextEdit?
How did YOU learn to program?
How do I get machine-user name?
How to: Aladdin-aware ResEdit (was Re: ResEdit + dctb = ID=01?)
Window -> PICT question

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-024.txt ****

Date: Sat, 7 May 94 13:07:29 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 07 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 24

Today's Topics:

Anyone have routine for random numbers?
Async CD-ROM Drivers?
Comparing 2 LongDateTime's
Copying graphics the fast way (in assembler)
Favorite C++ Book?
Native PPC Interrupt Control?
SetDialogDefaultItem in a modal dialog
Symantec has an FTP site!
pascal and c libraries

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-025.txt ****

Date: Tue, 10 May 94 17:15:09 MET DST

Issue 25 of the digest contains some binhexed files, which reportedly
caused some dumb mailers to extract the binhex codes and delete the rest.
I have removed the faulty thread; here is a "clean" digest.



C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 10 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 25

Today's Topics:

CodeWarrior GOLD DR-2 - Can't seem to generate fast FP code

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-026.txt ****

Date: Fri, 13 May 94 0:30:43 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 12 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 26

Today's Topics:

Can I send Apple Event from Script Editor?
Disk Cache performance evaluation test software
Extension Shell 1.3 - Help for INIT writers
FFT benchmark using CodeWarrior
How do I find the window colour ???
Private inheritance faulty in SC++ 7.0
Source Control Questions
Using xlc to generate PowerMacintosh code

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#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-027.txt ****

Date: Sun, 15 May 94 21:57:08 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Sun, 15 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 27

Today's Topics:

Determining if user has a CD ROM drive
Lex and Yacc for Mac Programmers
PowerMac FP performance - interesting results????
Saving the floating Point Registers
The NewWindow case
Truetype font format specification: No longer available from Apple ?!

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-028.txt ****

Date: Wed, 18 May 94 14:13:10 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 18 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 28

Today's Topics:

CRC-16 routine in C for native code
CodeWarrior Gold Education Price
How to write a bullet-proof lib?
PixMap to mask
Posting an event to another application?
Shared memory...
Unmounting all volumes?

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-029.txt ****

Date: Sun, 22 May 94 23:09:20 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Sun, 22 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 29

Today's Topics:

64-bit multiply & divide for line intersections...?
A KON&BAL Puzzle Page of my own
Absoft C++
Absoft on Power Mac
Another BlockMove question
Async Disk Access
ExtFS Development
Help w- PPC and Time Tasks
How To Detect Screen Saver
Large device drivers: how to?
Taxes on shareware fees
Thread Mgr Native PPC NOT - why?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-030.txt ****

Date: Wed, 25 May 94 10:42:16 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 25 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 30

Today's Topics:

Apple's blatant disregard for User Interface Guidelines
List Manager clikLoop problem... but whose it?
Opening a file with C standard i-o routines
Sym CDK vs CodeWarrior PPC: first impressions
Where is the inheritance in AE objects?
[Q] How to prevent _DragWindow from selecting the window?
[Q] casting Str255 <--> (char*)

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-031.txt ****

Date: Fri, 27 May 94 14:27:48 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 27 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 31

Today's Topics:

Any good Mac C books?
Basic, basic windows & PICT drawing
Help: Palette translation in CopyBits
How do I draw masked icons w-System 6?
Motorola announces Power Mac compilers
Polling the Serial Port

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-032.txt ****

Date: Mon, 30 May 94 14:02:04 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 30 May 94 Volume 3 : Issue 32

Today's Topics:

Are there any Disassemblers for Mac?
Drawing strings vertically.
I HATE GWorlds!
Is FSpExchangeFiles still broken?
Looping sounds
PPC Toolbox GetDefaultUser() bug
SU3.0 programming tip

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-033.txt ****

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 94 15:14:29 MET DST

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 09 Jun 94 Volume 3 : Issue 33

Today's Topics:

(Summary) Flicker-Free Grey Rectange Dragging (w-code)
68K drivers, PPC completion routines: HOW?
Audio CD Configuration
Compression Manager help!
Fastest way to draw a line?
Finding application & document folders???
How to make a window "float" over other apps?
Installing Gestalts -- how to set up A5 world?
Looking for C code to display color PICT files
Palette updates??
PenPat((ConstPatternParam)gray) - why illegal cast?
SC++ and __vtbl?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-034.txt ****

Date: Sun, 12 Jun 1994 14:10:18 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sun, 12 Jun 94 Volume 3 : Issue 34

Today's Topics:

32-Bit Addressing
AppleScript Questions
Code Warrior allocation of Objects
Code Warrior: ruminations of a long-time MPW user
Refinement of SC++ 7.0 code gen bug
Serial Port Programming?
Serial port use
THINK Class Library FTP Site?
storage for XCMDS

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-035.txt ****

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 15:33:50 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 15 Jun 94 Volume 3 : Issue 35

Today's Topics:

"Magical" conversion from (char *) to Pascal string in C++
"New" bugs in 'develop' floating window code?
Detecting Universal Headers?
Enumerating messages from PowerTalk
MicroSeconds trap # and arguments?
Ok, where's my Quickdraw globals? (Help!)
Symantec C++ 7.0- any good?
Thread Mgr for blocking I-O

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-036.txt ****

Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 13:35:08 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 16 Jun 94 Volume 3 : Issue 36

Today's Topics:

Apple Event example
Faster Square Root Algorithm
How to save alpha in PICT files?
Open Transport & ASLM
Sending the Mac Screen Image
What are Universal Headers?

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-037.txt ****

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 1994 11:33:52 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 18 Jun 94 Volume 3 : Issue 37

Today's Topics:

Finding a drive's SCSI ID
How to tell which volume was booted from?
Open Transport & ASLM (Was: Re: ASLM)
Symantec at WWDC (Was: Symantec vs. Metrowerks? What to do?)
[Q] Finding out if volume is locked

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

The digest is a collection of article threads from the internet newsgroup

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-038.txt ****

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 14:04:20 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 21 Jun 94 Volume 3 : Issue 38

Today's Topics:

CopyBits with PixMap
Gestalt, SU3.0 & List Manager
How to tell what kind of drive a volume is?
Photoshop Plug-in Filters useable with other programs?
Scheduling Sleep in WaitNextEvent
What is "Clipping Extension"?
allocating memory quickly -- how?
sqrti() [Re: Faster Square Root Algorithm]

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-039.txt ****

Date: Sun, 26 Jun 1994 23:30:56 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sun, 26 Jun 94 Volume 3 : Issue 39

Today's Topics:

API-headers for Control Strip Modules?
Apple Event Question
Are NewPtr() and malloc() different? (source included)
Closing Down the FINDER
Finder Comments and Finder Info Updating
MacTech's ftp site now available!
QuickDraw GX Display Devices
SEMI-SUMMARY: Reading JPEGs (with code)
VBL interrupt & Stack Sniffer
Writing dcmd with Think C (Q)

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-040.txt ****

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 1994 15:44:22 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 28 Jun 94 Volume 3 : Issue 40

Today's Topics:

AppleScript Programmer's Dialect
GX Printing callbacks are C?
Handling Events during AE OpenDoc Processing
How to determine which Finder windows are open?
Metrowerks code generation wierdness
PPC and 64-bit video (was Re: Fast full screen scrolling: impossible?)
Playing QuickTime movies
Quickdraw GX - Why?
[Q] Programming the AT&T 3210?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-041.txt ****

Date: Sat, 2 Jul 1994 17:46:50 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 02 Jul 94 Volume 3 : Issue 41

Today's Topics:

Detecting pre-68020 CPU for 68020 code
Fast Animations (WAS: Fast full screen scrolling: impossible?)
FlattenMovieData bug???
Here's how to get OpenDoc
How to know the cursor is into a polygon?
PowerPC load-store (was Re: Fast full screen scrolling: impossible?)
Q: Default button & Return key in Modeless Dialog
Questions about Tmon?
Saving PICT files - Here's CODE!!
Scroll Bars in DLOG?
Why should't you move baseAddrs?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-042.txt ****

Date: Tue, 5 Jul 1994 14:50:36 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 05 Jul 94 Volume 3 : Issue 42

Today's Topics:

**Novice Question on saving files**
CODE Resources
Code Resources with CodeWarrior
MacTCP DNR for PowerPC?
Major bug with Symantec CDK *Please Read*
Perspective in GX (was Re: can toolbox draw text at an angle?)
Still trouble finding floating windows code.
_vSyncWait infinite loop?
can toolbox draw text at an angle?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-043.txt ****

Date: Sat, 9 Jul 1994 13:50:38 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 09 Jul 94 Volume 3 : Issue 43

Today's Topics:

7.5 Floating Window (How To use?)
Can Mac's survive without AppleTalk?
CodeWarrior and CODE Resources
Fast full screen scrolling: impossible?
MacPerl- Redirecting STDIN & STDOUT
PowerPC floating point issue
Q: Thread Manager - How do I benefit?
prevent update when call TEDelete, TEInsert??

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-044.txt ****

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 1994 14:08:55 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 12 Jul 94 Volume 3 : Issue 44

Today's Topics:

"Power Mac Programming Starter Kit", by Tom Thompson
AppleTalk Prefered vs. Alternate Interface?
CodeWarrior inline problem
Mac Pathname Syntax
MacTCP Berkeley socket wrapper?
MacsBug-How Do I...
Receiving Events in AppleScript
[Q] ReleaseResource, PICTs and handles
computer strategy

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-045.txt ****

Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 13:12:02 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 14 Jul 94 Volume 3 : Issue 45

Today's Topics:

AppleShare programming?
Composing and INIT *NARF*
FSSpec of own INIT
Help: DragGrayRgn() Action Proc
Learning TCP
Modal Dialog Filter & Delete key
OLE on the Macintosh
Omission in Universal Headers: TrackControl()
Where does data go when no PPCRead is pending?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-046.txt ****

Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 14:41:25 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 20 Jul 94 Volume 3 : Issue 46

Today's Topics:

3D Rotational examples - Help wanted
CASE Tools for Macintosh
Debugging an applet properly (AppleScript)
GWorlds vs. Offscreens
GWorlds: When to lock pixels?
How do you write TIFFs?
How to tell Energy Saver to turn the monitor on or off
Newbie Gworld questions.
Patching Trap ExitToShell using UniversalProcPtr's
Porting from Unix to Mac - Summary
Problems with Metrowerks vs. MPW 68k C calling conventions
Special #define for Univ. Hdrs?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-047.txt ****

Date: Tue, 26 Jul 1994 19:05:02 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 26 Jul 94 Volume 3 : Issue 47

Today's Topics:

Announcing Macintosh AIFF-based DSP Think C Toolbox
AppleEvent Question
Bug in MIDI.h (Universal Interface)
Full file path?
Looking for a friendly native component sample.
Newbie ?: Where to get good reference materials
Problem using FSpGet-SetFInfo
list of crossplatform OO (C++, Smalltalk) development tools

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-048.txt ****

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 1994 15:48:03 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 28 Jul 94 Volume 3 : Issue 48

Today's Topics:

Color in System 7 popups?
Controlling Apple MultiSync Monitors
Drag Mgr problem w- flavorTypePromiseHFS
GWorlds and other questions - Help
PBControl() "hangs" the Macintosh
Patching the GetResource() toolbox routine

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-049.txt ****

Date: Mon, 8 Aug 1994 16:13:56 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 08 Aug 94 Volume 3 : Issue 49

Today's Topics:

CODE resources 101
Can I do this with the Thread Manager?
Dice Rolling - answers
Easy file access functions [source]
How to detect whether Debugger is installed?
Q: Converting PB to FSSpec
Q: Reentrancy and PowerMac Runtime Model
Std filter proc trashes register D3!
Which NIM for serial port info?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-050.txt ****

Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 13:16:49 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 10 Aug 94 Volume 3 : Issue 50

Today's Topics:

Detecting Apple Events on launch?
Dialogs and fonts...
Filtering Edit Text items
MoreFiles 1.2 available on ftp.apple.com
Styled Text in Dialogs
The shock of the new (mac vs unix)
What does "reentrant" mean?

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-051.txt ****

Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 16:04:14 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 12 Aug 94 Volume 3 : Issue 51

Today's Topics:

Controls, Fonts, Dialogs & ResEdit (long)
Deleting ptr to base not calling dtors of derived
Icon positions on desktop
Looking for source code
Need C source code for recording sound
OpenPicture with temporary memory?
QuickTime 2.0 and MIDI
Tab Patch for TextEdit
[Q] Increasing stack size?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-052.txt ****

Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 14:33:55 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 01 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 52

Today's Topics:

A Note for SC++ newbies
Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins.
Advanced QuickTime 1.6.1 Question
AppleEvents during ModalDialog?
Background always app that cannot be switched to by user?
Book recommendations for new Mac programmer?
CodeWarrior WWW Support Service
Control Strip docs?
Copying graphics without QuickDraw: custom blitting code
Debugging on PowerMacs
Guide for writing programs for both PowerPC and 680x0? etc...
HFSDispatch Trap. Success

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-053.txt ****

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 1994 15:28:25 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 05 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 53

Today's Topics:

A real funny story
AppleScript: event times out
C++ Virtual Destructor Q
Enum size -- what's the LCD?
Followup on 'Safe Save' problem - still ticking!
MW DebugNew Tip
Scrollbars in Dialogs?
Should new programs still be System 6 compatible?
The System 7.5 Think Debugger Bug - and fix!
Think Debugger & INIT source code
[Q] How to do non-bypassable INIT?
malloc problem in CW-4

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-054.txt ****

Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 18:19:19 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 07 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 54

Today's Topics:

How to use AESuspendTheCurrentEvent?
Learning Macintosh Programming
Should function order be conserved? (CW vs. GestaltValue)
Sound Manager headaches (again)
Stopping a 'snd ' resource dead
[Q] What does "_Xxxxx ,Sys,Immed" mean?
jGNE from an INIT

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-055.txt ****

Date: Thu, 8 Sep 1994 18:50:13 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 08 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 55

Today's Topics:

Clover+. interrupt?~
Standard C Libraries: use them?
Summary of 'Safe Save' problem - IM:Files flawed!
What Happens in the Resource Fork
Why does NewGWorld do this?
Won't strange windows come in my layer?

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-056.txt ****

Date: Sat, 10 Sep 1994 13:05:29 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 10 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 56

Today's Topics:

A tool I could REALLY use, written it?
Async FileMgr Calls
Future of ASLM
Review of PowerMac devtools available
SetDialogDefaultItem() not doing anything!
Trouble making floating windows work with modeless dialogs

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-057.txt ****

Date: Tue, 13 Sep 1994 15:09:42 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 13 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 57

Today's Topics:

Best Sprite Package?
Items in system menu bar
Text searches.
Ticks (was: Clover+. interrupt?)
What is the point of MPW?
Where have the standards gone? [a high level question]

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-058.txt ****

Date: Thu, 15 Sep 1994 13:51:12 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 15 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 58

Today's Topics:

AppleEvents for command line args (argc, argv)?
Exception Handling
NIM on develop, as of 19
Need to Stop flashing Desktop when changing palletes
PPostEvent mouse events
Sample MacTcp Programs
Selecting Window via menus
SetDialogDefaultItem real?
Stack sniffer - how can I turn it off?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-059.txt ****

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 1994 11:51:20 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 19 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 59

Today's Topics:

AppleGuide script examples anyone?
Crazy error alert messages?
Goto Pro's and Con's
Need help with saving-writing structs to a file.
Slashed Progress Bar

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-060.txt ****

Date: Thu, 22 Sep 1994 15:08:30 +0200 (MET DST)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 22 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 60

Today's Topics:

Books to learn assembly language on Mac?
FYI: Fun Bug with CustomGetFile
How to call 68K lib from PPC code?
PROBLEM: Serial Port Programming & PowerBooks
Using CLUTs to simulate page flipping?
Why is AppleScript type checking absent?
[Q] _PBCatSearch vs Recursive Indexed _PBGetCatInfo

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-061.txt ****

Date: Thu, 29 Sep 1994 18:36:24 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 29 Sep 94 Volume 3 : Issue 61

Today's Topics:

Alpha Wordcompletion Script
Appending data to WindowRecord
Dialogs and (de)activate events
Lets talk OpenDoc
Linking with QuickTime.xcoff for the power pc
Multiple monitors
The 'aete' resource and the Script Editor
can extensions send appleevents?

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-062.txt ****

Date: Tue, 4 Oct 1994 02:13:22 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 04 Oct 94 Volume 3 : Issue 62

Today's Topics:

(Q)Patched Traps and extention conflicts
HELP: How does one make a GWorld for printing?
How to call a C type code resource?
Is there a reasonable alternative to BalloonWriter?
Need help with MDEF UPP Question
OpenDoc Development Environments?
Q: Getting errors out of threads?
Shared Memory on Mac
Window Lists
preloaded CODE resources in fat binaries

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-063.txt ****

Date: Thu, 6 Oct 1994 22:52:40 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 06 Oct 94 Volume 3 : Issue 63

Today's Topics:

+? == PLAIN STUPID!!! (true)
Apple Events Question
File System Manager Software Development Kit
GDGX Graphics Shell bus errors with GX Beta 3...
Getting Started (Summary)
Help: idle, shutdown, and MacTCP examples..
Pascal Flavours for Macintosh
Q: Script-Independant Command-Keys?
XCMD memory residence

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-064.txt ****

Date: Sat, 8 Oct 1994 14:49:41 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 08 Oct 94 Volume 3 : Issue 64

Today's Topics:

Help!! argc, argv on Macintosh
How to Check if drivers are open
Is it possible to notify another mac?
Memory moving and Inits
Self-disposing notification crashes
[CWWWW] PowerPlant Tour document available

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-065.txt ****

Date: Fri, 14 Oct 1994 14:54:01 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 14 Oct 94 Volume 3 : Issue 65

Today's Topics:

Books-Reference: opinions needed!!
Changing to new toolbox routine names with MacPerl
Cleanest way to turn AppleTalk on-off
Dialog Edit text> 256 characters
Fast zeroing on PPC
Inside Mac on CD-ROM
Q: Using PPC apps without Shared Libraries?
Reading STR# resource - Pascal code

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-066.txt ****

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 16:29:31 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 07 Nov 94 Volume 3 : Issue 66

Today's Topics:

#defines by the compiler (CodeWarrior)
Announcement: New Mac C++ Programming Book Available
Apple Guide: Styled text FUBAR
Basic GWorlds and QuickDraw Newbie
CW & Code Resources -- poor?
Desktop Pictures
Drag-and-drop to cdev window?
Fastest way to fill memory with a given value?
Gestalt Selectors List 2.6
Global storage in code resources
How to execute MPW tools without MPW
MacTCP Completion Routines & Async Nofification

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-067.txt ****

Date: Mon, 14 Nov 1994 15:53:04 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 14 Nov 94 Volume 3 : Issue 67

Today's Topics:

(Q) AppleScript & XCMD's
Can anyone help me with the Time Manager?
Dynamic Dialogs?
How to install your own templates using Macsbug 6.5d6???
IM: Networking book question
INIT Writing FAQ [1-3]
INIT Writing FAQ [2-3]
INIT Writing FAQ [3-3]
Linking 68k object files to PPC program
Network Programming
Stuck in SyncWait again
having trouble with AEInteractWithUser & drag manager

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-068.txt ****

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 1994 15:39:10 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Thu, 17 Nov 94 Volume 3 : Issue 68

Today's Topics:

How do you get the bit depths the main device supports?
MIDI programming
Memory management in the Real World, part 2
Q: Sound Input Device
ResEdit 2.1.3, is it good this time?
Shareware, VISA Merchant Accounts, and YOU!
Smalltalk implementations for Mac - update needed
What is MIDI Manager etc (reply)

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-069.txt ****

Date: Sat, 19 Nov 1994 15:31:42 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sat, 19 Nov 94 Volume 3 : Issue 69

Today's Topics:

Animation Techniques
Control Strip Tester Available!
Dragging to a background app?
GeoPort-GeoPod Documentation - Does it exist?
How to get list of files in folder
Sample code for Launching appl from SC++ or TC.
Subject: Apple PR: MacOS Software Developer's Kit

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-070.txt ****

Date: Mon, 21 Nov 1994 14:44:23 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 21 Nov 94 Volume 3 : Issue 70

Today's Topics:

A few newbie (to Mac Programming) questions...
Checking for low memory condition
Fast Pixel Drawing
GX text problems
Macintosh Drag and Drop
Microseconds() documentation?
Power Plant Documentation??
Shareware successes?

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-071.txt ****

Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 18:41:24 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 28 Nov 94 Volume 3 : Issue 71

Today's Topics:

(PPC) MDEF's in application code
Getting The PSN or Sig of AE Client
Is THINK Pascal dead?
Newbie Q:Why no DisposeHandle-ReleaseResource call?
Prograph 2.5
[Q] Programming with the QuickTime toolkit

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-072.txt ****

Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 16:35:30 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 02 Dec 94 Volume 3 : Issue 72

Today's Topics:

ADSP, PPC, Apple Events ? Which to use?
ASLM, CFM, etc
Background Only Apps
Call PostEvent() from a TimeMgr task!
OSACompile and OSAExecute
PBCatSearch finder flags?
Q: SICompletionUPP

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-073.txt ****

Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 15:53:28 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Sun, 04 Dec 94 Volume 3 : Issue 73

Today's Topics:

? THINK Pascal: calling code
Any science to segmenting?
Plug-Ins w- CFM
Saving a PICT to a file - how?
Sprite Animation Toolkit 2.3a1
UPP's & calling completion procs

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-074.txt ****

Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 17:53:07 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Tue, 06 Dec 94 Volume 3 : Issue 74

Today's Topics:

Faster SetCPixel Alternatives?
Newbie Q Regarding Window Updates
Pascal ProcPtr Example?
QDGX and Pict resources
TransSkel 3.18 (THINK C, Metrowerks) now available
how can I implement-program Plug-Ins?
using HLock before memcpy

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

#### TEXT csmp-digest-v3-075.txt ****

Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 16:16:53 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 12 Dec 94 Volume 3 : Issue 75

Today's Topics:

AppleScript FTP-site?
C++ and handles
Finding out whether text is selected in a dialog
How to get default 'aeut' resource?
MacsBug - what is it and why?
how to get PB in PPC completion routine?

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

The digest is a collection of article threads from the internet newsgroup

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 12:22:34 +0100 (MET)

C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 23 Dec 94 Volume 3 : Issue 76

Today's Topics:

AEInstallEventHandler Problem
How do I keep my program from coming to the foregroud for drags?!?!
How do you use the mouse as a relative motion device?
How to convert a Picture to a PixPat?
Info on BlockMoveData ?
Installer advice please?
Mac FAQ now available as HTML using WWW!
PowerPlant vs. MacApp - opinions ?
QuickDraw GX Thread Safe?
[Q] Need help with SetGWorld.
static RoutineDescriptors

The Comp.Sys.Mac.Programmer Digest is moderated by Francois Pottier

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