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Inside Mac Games is the premiere Macintosh gaming magazine, with
amazing previews, great reviews, stunning screen shots, entertaining
interviews, and much, much more!

In this FREE PREVIEW issue of IMG, sneak previews of Access' Under a
Killing Moon and LucasArts' The Dig! Also in this issue, reviews of
Mrathon 2, Rebe Assault II, Comanche, Wing Commander III, Allied
General and more. Lastly, the IMG game poll, colums, the latest games
release list and much, much more.

To learn how to subscribe to the FULL CD-ROM version of IMG, check out
Page 2 in this month's issue.

Tuncer Deniz (800) 339-0636 - Orders
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief (708) 486-0636 - Voice
Inside Mac Games/Inside Games (708) 486-0647 - Fax

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