SequenceSketcher 1.0.6

SequenceSketcher by Lindesay Electric
(c) Andrew Lindesay 2002

SequenceSketcher is an elegant Macintosh tool for the creation of
sequence diagrams to aid in the process of software engineering.

For all correspondance relating to this and other Lindesay
Electric products, please visit the Lindesay Electric web
site at...

...or failing this, eMail .

Please note that SequenceSketcher requires MacOS version 10.1 or
better in order to function. To install SequenceSketcher, drag
the application from the "dmg" distribution to the /Applications
directory on your Macintosh computer and double click it.

This application is commercial and can be used with restriction
until it has been licensed. Visit the Lindesay Electric website
for more information on licensing this product.

The online help has further information.

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