ClipClap-General purpose text input utility+internet research helper

ClipClap is an integrated text input/internet research helper with
the following features:
1.Provide a hybrid text/internet location web clipping that works with your
favourite web browser, so that you can save text clippings from your
browser for instant access while at the same time remembers the url so
that you can instantly visit the web page the clipping originates from.
2.A convienent text clipping browser that allows quick viewing of text
clipping and text files, and instantly insert the text or url into the word
processing document you are working on.
3.Set up a group of frequently used prefix/postfix combos that is
automatically attached to the clipping in use, so you don't have to type
them over and over again.
4.It can browse text clippings in multiple text style of your choice. You
will never again be caught with text clipping with fonts too small for
comfortable viewing.
5.Address the problem where non-english clipping does not always show
up correctly on a system with language kits.
6.Flexible archiving into a single text file.

If you do any typing at all on a Mac and/or do any research on the
internet, ClipClap will save you hours of frustration dealing with
cryptic bookmarks, cumbersome copy and past between applications.

More info at:

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