NotePad Deluxe 2.2 Sv - Exclusive notepad (Swedish version)

NotePad Deluxe 2.2 (Swedish PPC version)

NotePad Deluxe is a fast, powerful, multi-purpose notepad for Macintosh.
Features include a page browser with extensive drag and drop, find with
replace, local/global text formats, quick-find, labels, lock, built-in
encryption (Blowfish), contextual menus, a useful tab ruler with real tabs,
a floating database palette, spell checking through the Word Services
system, and web links.

Yet the interface is user-friendly and carefully polished.

New in version 2.2:
- Now uses the WASTE text engine
- Notes are no longer limited to 32k
- More text features available (alignment, line spacing, baseline,
bottom border, hilite color)
- Better world script support
- Unicode aware
- Multiple Undo/Redo
- OSX bugfixes (strange scrolling behaviour, drag and drop, inactive
windows, reveal,

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