QuoEdit 1.1

QuoEdit is a text editor for plain (monostyled) text that runs on
Mac OS System 7.1 or higher.
The archive includes both PowerPC version and 68K version.

Intended to provide quick operations with simple interface.
Supports AppleScript powerfully;
fully Scriptable, Recordable with/without the Script Editor
and Attachable.
Some menus are customizable and up to three menus can be added.
Supports regular expression search and multi-file search.
Supports rectangular selection.
Supports multiple levels of undo/redo for each document.
WorldScript savvy.

In version 1.1:
Single menu definition file is multilingual now.
The Search menu now can have additional menu items.
Extended Apple event capability.
Changed shortcut key of "Miscellaneous" command to Cmd+','
(and changed shortcut key of "Jump to" command to Cmd+Option+',').
Obsoleted open-the-first-file-in-the-first-unused-window feature.
And got many improvements.

Lyomei Sakai

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