Sidekick 1.2

Coffs Harbour, Australia - 9 February 2005 - dmg software updates
Sidekick to version 1.2. Sidekick is a Mac OS X menu bar item that
interacts with AppleWorks 6, making it easier to use and increasing
your productivity.

What's New
* Quickly launch Apple's iWork applications, Pages and Keynote.
* Reset AppleWorks preference files to their original state.
* Launch Sidekick automatically when starting your Mac or logging into
your User account.
* Open Recent Items folder menu command.
* Performance improvements.

Sidekick 1.2 is a free upgrade for registered users. There is no need
to re-enter a serial number. Simply quit Sidekick 1.1.1 and start using
version 1.2. Sidekick 1.1.1 may then be deleted.

Sidekick provides immediate access to AppleWorks' features from a
single point:
* Create a new document without first starting AppleWorks 6;
* Search Google,, Encarta, online dictionaries or an
online thesaurus from a word processing document;
* Quickly access your most recently used documents;
* Quickly launch Apple's iWork applications, Pages

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