FormDrop WWW v1.0.2

FormDrop WWW v1.0.2 (This update should replace FormDrop WWW v1.0)

FormDrop WWW v1.0.2 Fixes a bug which caused FormDrop to not
implement drag-and-drop on some macs.

On The World Wide Web, forms can be used to send information when
one is at a web site. If you have a web page which uses forms, when people
visit your site and use the forms, the data is sent to you as an e-mail
attachment. This file, if opened in a text editor will look like one long
line of garbled letters, numbers, and words.
FormDrop WWW is a simple drag-and-drop utility to translate the
output files of forms from the Web into readable text documents that can be
opened with SimpleText.

To Use:
Drag and drop any World Wide Web form output text file onto
FormDrop WWW. The program will create a decoded file with "(Decoded)"
appended to its name. You may also drop multiple form files onto FormDrop
WWW and it will decode all of them.

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