Badia Duplica 1.01 is an XTension for Mac OS QuarkXPress 4 that expands the
functions of copying and pasting text and item attributes, and also offers
a powerful clone feature for duplicating boxes and lines.

Key features include:
- copy almost any kind of attribute applied not only to characters and
paragraphs, but pictures, boxes, lines and pages as well, and paste them
into other parts of the same or another document;
- copy unstyled text and paste it elsewhere, applying the text attributes
of the new insertion point;
- clone boxes and lines any number of times, and specify not only an
offset, but several of their attributes as well, including width, height,
angle, skew, corner radius, frame and shade;
- clone and rotate boxes and lines around a point within the page;
- the first contextual menu in the history of XTensions that pops up
anywhere in the document with just a click;
- full support for B

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