AliasKeys 1.0.3 - assign keystrokes to open files and folders

AliasKeys lets you assign keystrokes to open files and folders. Any item
that the Finder can open may be dragged to the list of AliasKeys and
assigned a combination of keys, to open it without touching your mouse.
You can use AliasKeys for applications, documents, folders, aliases,
preference panels, servers, scripts...

Hitting the keys opens the corresponding item, as would a double-click
on its icon. AliasKeys is basically as simple as that; it is also
extremely easy to set up.

AliasKeys needs Mac OS X 10.2 or better. It is fully compatible with
10.3 "Panther". AliasKeys is fully unicode-aware and can be used with
any international keyboard and localized system version.

Languages included: English, French, Japanese.

Changes in version 1.0.3:

* A couple of cosmetic bugs fixed in the French resources.
* Previous versions used a self-copying "internet-aware" disk image.
They are a good idea, but they only work well in some web browsers. For
many users, they create a unmanageable situation that has caused plenty
of tech support emails. Thus, with this version, we are back to a
"plain" .dmg file, along with a .sit for backup.
* Adventurous users can test a hidden feature. Open
"~/Library/Preferences/net.widemann.aliaskeys.plist" and set
openFinderSelectionWithCapsLock to YES (or true), then save, log out and
login back. From now on, if the capslock key is down, AliasKeys will try
to open the selected item(s) in the Finder with the triggered item.

For example, if the AliasKey is set to open Preview, selecting a
PDF file and hitting the AliasKey will launch Preview and open the PDF,
even if the PDF's creator is Acrobat. This feature may hit snags when
combining some file types with certain applications, so be warned and
use at your own risk. We do NOT tech-support this feature, however we'll
accept gladly any comment or suggestion that you wish to offer.

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