Misc. Books, software, SE compact w/ carry-on bag.

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Misc. Books, software, SE compact w/ carry-on bag.

MYST/RIVEN style CD-ROM games:

Activision Zork Memesis (Acc. for Power Mac) 3 CD case with booklet. Power
PC, System 7.5.1 2xCD-ROM 16MB RAM. $5.00 + shipping

The Journyman Project Buried in Time 3 CD set in case. Requirements are same
as above game. $5.00 + shipping

MacComCenter 3.5" disk and manual. $1.00 + shipping

** Several original vintage Apple guides still sealed in plastic:

1 System 7 Hypercard Basics. (w/disk inside) $2.00 + shipping

1 System 7 Macintosh Networking Reference spiral bound book. $2.00 +

** Apple Product Manuals in great condition:

1 Apple Extended Keyboard II owner's guide. $1.00 + shipping
2 AppleColor high-Resolution RGB monitor Owner's Guide. $1.00 + shipping
2 Setting Up your IIci booklets. $1.00 each + shipping
2 Getting Started with your IIci booklets. $1.00 each + shipping
1 Macintosh 16" Color Display Booklet. $1.00 + shipping

4 FWB CD-ROM Toolkit User guides. $1.00 each + shipping

** Books:

More Apple Secrets - the best tips and techniques from Nibble magazine.
**For the Apple][ Series**
copywrite 1986, 202 page large paperback full of cool Apple][ stuff in very good condition.
$6.00 + shipping

The Apple House - by John Blankenship - How to computerise your home using your Apple Computer.
Copywrite 1984, 153 page hard cover in great condition (a couple of pages are wrinkled a little but will flatten out)
$6.00 + shipping

Easy iMac Book - by QUE - Very nice 304 page full color large paper back.
copywrite 1999, and covers System 8.5 and all early iMacs. A very good book for new iMac owners.
$6.00 + shipping

** Operating Systems:

Apple MAC Retail OS 8.1 Full install CD in box with manuals and OS 8 Tour
CD. $12.00 + shipping

****A nice MAC Portable w/Carry-On Bag:

A very clean Macintosh SE 8MB RAM 20MB HD w/the 800k floppy drive. SE is in
excellent condition with a small keyboard and square mouse. Comes
pre-installed with OS 6.0.3 and includes original Operator's Manual and a
black TARGA brand Portable MAC carry case. The case is very nice heavy duty
black padded material and holds everything but the printer. I'll even throw in a Gravis Joystick
for playing those old arcade games.
Make me decent offer......
This is heavy so shipping would be in the $20-30.00 range I'm guessing.

Or, make me an offer on the carry-on bag.....

See something you want ? Make me an offer (money
order).....or trades considered.

Looking for RAM...5 volt FPM DIMMS
or Biege G3 DT low profile RAM.
Hard Drive ? Bootable CDR or RW ?
Apple branded 24X SCSI CD-ROM ?
PCI video card ?
Or, Let me know what you have......

Cheapest shipping from 32901, most can be shipped USPS media rate for very little.