Virtual A2 floppy drive

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Virtual A2 floppy drive

Check this out(questions should be directed to the person making these the info is on the website listed below):
Would anyone in this group be interested in helping with an Apple ][
(+ & e) floppy drive emulator?

As I collect the old machines, I like to run the original software on
them but was forever trying to find diskettes or setting up some
transfer mechanism. I got tired of it all and created the
"Semi-Virtual Diskette" (SVD).

This device has an RS232 port on one side and a vintage-machine floppy
connector on the other. The idea is that you download a floppy image
to the SVD (from your PC) and then boot the machine...which thinks
it's connected to a real floppy device. The SVD supports the REAL
old know, those that use floppies that have less than
200k of capacity.

You can read more about it at

I originally created it for the TRS-80 line, and have since expanded
to include the Heathkit H8/H89.

Now I'm looking to tackle the Apple ][, but wanted to make sure that
anyone cared. If you think it would be useful, please let me know.
More importantly, if you could Beta-test the device when it is ready
for the Apple][, that would be great.

Also, the "driver" software is PC-based, so I could really use help
with a Mac version. Note that the GUI is written in TCL/TK, but there
are 2 programs written in C. Feel free to download the software off
of the web-site so you can see what it is like.


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problem with the link

There's a period at the end of the link causing it to not go through.



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Great project!

Hi Eric,

I think it sounds like a fantastic project. I can help beta test on the Mac, and maybe even PC.

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"Virtual Disk" for Apple II

Any more development on this? Haven't
heard anything. Am VERY interested. This
would be an extremely useful tool for
all older Apple users.

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Connecting PC to Apple ][

Couldn't you just do this with a null-modem? The device you say you are building seems a lot like one of those. Just curious. Thanks.

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