Extensions Strip 1.5.2

Extensions Strip hosts control strip modules in the most flexible and powerful environment out there. Its theme is "extensions with a global interface" because control strip modules, especially Extensions Strip savvy ones, get the best of the extension and application environments. Included in the package are two FAT binary Extensions Strip savvy modules and developer examples.

1.5.2 Changes:

- A German translation of Extensions Strip is available through the efforts of Markus Gloede.
- Includes new versions of Control Panels Strip and Process Manager.
- ES now works on locked volumes. This is nice if you have a CD-RW drive and want to make a bootable CD.
- Fixed a problem where strips would flicker if the monitor size changed and the strip wasn't latched to a corner.
- Fixed conflict with the Menu Tasker system extension that would cause the strips to hide while using popup menus.
- Fixed a flickering problem with MaBaSoft's modules.
- Modules may now modify themselves (introduced for compatibility with MaBaSoft's World Clock CSM).
- ES only warns you once if you don't have TSM Fix installed.
- If you have ES set to hide in games, pressing ES's hot key will now show the strips if they've been auto-hidden.
- Recompiled all the source for CodeWarrior IDE 3 and added a Known Conflicts section to the docs.

For download links: http://www.pair.com/ammon/skidperfect/es/links

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/gui/es-152-de.hqx

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