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Remote Admin?

Hey guys...

I am looking for a piece of software, where I can remotely control a Clamshell iBook. It will be running OS 9.2, but i want to control it from a Gigabit running 10.2 (10.3 in the future). I assume I would have to run it in classic mode which is fine by me. I would be really neat if i could keep it as a shared drive on my system as well.

I noticed apple has a piece of optional software which I installed called Network Assistant Client? Sounding like the right avene to persue... Anyother suggestions. I know for a PC there is Remote Admin from Famtech.

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that should do the trick ... Wink

but if you want a freeware solution download a VNC server for the iBook and a VNC client for the G4 ... there should be classic and OS X versions available ...

OS X client
OS 9 server

of course there are other clients and servers about ...


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Commercial products

Or if you want to go the commercial route, you'll either want Timbuktu or Apple Remote Desktop. But both of those are pretty expensive.

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remote desktop is cool. Use

remote desktop is cool. Use it at work all the time. If you have a admin user in a lab environment you can push updates to all the machines at once, then reboot them all at once, sounds sooo cool having all the gongs in sync.

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