Startup Lock 2.5

SearchWare Solutions is proud to announce Startup Lock 2.5--the newest
version of its popular MacOS-based startup security software!

Startup Lock 2.5 prevents access to any MacOS based computer by requiring a
password at startup before a user can use the computer. It is simple to
configure, yet very flexible in the options that you can use.

New features of Version 2.5:
* Startup Lock can now be set to allow multiple-retries before shutting down
the computer.
* Startup Lock can now be set to automatically shut down the computer after
a period of inactivity.
* The administrator can now customize the message-text in the Startup Lock
main window.
* Many interface enhancements have been performed.
* The online help has been expanded and easier to use.
* PowerPC and 68k versions have been combined into one file.
* New installer will insure that all files are placed in the correct
* Many code enhancements to make Startup Lock faster and more stable.
* Startup Lock is STILL FREE!
* Much more!

The latest version of Startup Lock, as well as our other fine MacOS
products, is always available at

Scott Crick
SearchWare Solutions

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