Stopwatch CSM 2.1

Stopwatch CSM is a module which puts one or more stopwatches in your
Control Strip, so that you can time different events or keep track of
how long you work on your projects. Stopwatches time up to 1000
hours, can be manually advanced by adding hours, minutes and seconds
and can be automatically started and reset at startup.

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System Requirements

Stopwatch CSM needs a Mac with 68020 processor or better, System 7.5
or later and, for System 7.x.x, Appearance Extension. Control Strip,
Extensions Strip (2.0bx or higher), WorkStrip and ACTION GoMac can be
used as module host.

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What's new in Stopwatch CSM 2.1?

- Stopwatch CSM introduces the Use colors preference and lets you
display running stopwatches and stopped stopwatches using two
different customizable colors. Colors allow you to instantly identify
running and stopped stopwatches and give you a better overview on
multiple stopwatches.

- Stopwatch CSM lets you now manually advance or draw back
stopwatches by adding or subtracting time amounts expressed in hours,
minutes, seconds.

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