X-Assist 0.7J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the X-Assist package.

X-Assist was created to assist in the much loved but missing features of
OS 9 in OSX.

*Application Switcher Menu (top right corner of screen)
X-Assist has a similar implementation.

*More than a 5 item "Recent Applications" menu.
X-Assist has no "limit".

*The ability to add personal hierarchies of items in an OS9-like "apple" menu.
X-Assist allows users to add any hierarchy into a "Shortcuts" submenu.

*An extensible "Control Strip" like plugin architecture.
X-Assist supports Objective-C (NSBundle) plugins. They are easy to write,
and examples "SetVolume" and "MP3 Player" plugins are provided in this distribution.

*OS 9 window behavior - when you switch applications by clicking in a
window, all windows for that application are shown. This behavior has
changed in OSX and can be a bit annoying. X-Assist brings back the OS9
windowing functionality and also allows you to toggle between modes.

How much does it cost?


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NetFinder is a FTP/HTTP/FILE browsing application that looks like the
It supports viewing remote servers and local files in a hierarchy, plus
much more.
A fully functional installer can be downloaded from:


Some features of NetFinder:
- As Finder-like as you can imagine when browsing.
- resume FTP/HTTP
- Drag and Drop everywhere.
- Its Local File Browsing mode allows you to view, sort and change Labels too!

Try it and you will be hooked.

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