Sharing CD/DVD Drive

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Sharing CD/DVD Drive

Hello everyone.
I'm not really sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but here goes.

Is there some way to share my Mac's (Graphite Clamshell iBook) DVD-ROM drive over the network? When I mean network, I mean Windows network. I can access my Window's shared drives over the network on my Mac, and I can access the predesignated shares on my Mac from my Windows box.

Also, in Panther, when I go to connect to server, it won't allow me to mount shares like others say it does. What exactly do I put as the server I'm connecting to? I'm putting "Hostname\ShareFolder", "\\Hostname\ShareFolder", and "\Hostname\Sharefolder". Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks guys and gals, in advance. Smile

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FYI, all network paths in OS

FYI, all network paths in OS X use forward slashes ( / ), instead of backslashes ( \ ).

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The proper way to get to a Windows share from the Mac using Panther is to go to Network and browse to it. But if that doesn't work, you can try smb://computername/sharename or smb:// where is the IP number of the Windows machine.

As to sharing your CD/DVD drive, I think you would only be able to do this on a CD to CD basis, because Macs use the name of the CD/DVD in the path to it, not like PCs that just use a letter for the drive. The easiest way would be to make an alias to the CD/DVD in your home folder, which would allow you to get to it from the PC when you connect to your home folder. There may be some software that would allow you to do it, try a search on

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I think DAVE can do that...

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