Sawtooth motherboard and lots of other interesting stuff

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Sawtooth motherboard and lots of other interesting stuff

Ok, it's time to clear out my room of many parts I've accumulated from various failed projects (to help pay for new projects!). I'll offer these here for a couple of weeks and then they'll go on ebay. If you are interested, you can check my ebay feedback, my id is michaelfm. Here's the list:

Sawtooth motherboard: $150
This is great for projects because it is easy to adapt an ATX power supply to power it. I bought this off of ebay and thought for several months that it was dead. Turns out it is just finnicky about the processor being screwed in tighter than the other Sawtooth I have. I'll even throw in the makeshift power button I rigged up on the front panel connector. I upgraded the firmware to 4.2.8 so it is ready to accept a modern G4 upgrade. It has the uni-7 so it is good to go with dual processors.

350 mhz G4 processor, no heatsink: $20
Sawtooth PSU: $20

Sharp LQ0903B 8.4 inch VGA LCD panel with controller and inverter: $50
This is a nifty thing I got off of ebay last year for a Color Classic Taco; however, there is too much PCB on one side and even though it would fit inside just fine the screen is then off-center in the aperture. Also, it displays only 4,000 colors I believe, which doesn't look too great. But it would be excellent for a hack project, since it includes a controller/inverter all on one board that is powered by a standard peripheral connector. The guy I bought it from said it was a custom built controller . It accepts 640x480 at 60hz. I'm not asking for much money for this because it's been sitting for a long time and now the screen tints different colors when wiggling the video input plug. It displays properly when holding the plug at a certain angle. Probably just a loose solder connection, but I can't be sure so it's sold as is.

Tk300 fanless ATX power supply: $75
I bought this for $200 from Silicon Acoustics last year. It is a 300W PSU, rated fanless up to 80W. Perfect for a Beige G3 type project (a Beige G3, before adding drives, only uses something like 26W). Has 3 peripheral connectors and several fan connectors.

To see a project using this PSU, look here:
My unit, a slightly later model, has the power wires soldered to the PSU rather than going through a connector, as the pictures in this project show.

For info, look here:
On that page it is the TK300PO-60-PFC

96MB Simpletech flash IDE drive: $25
Why worry about CF->IDE adapters, and whether they are bootable? This is just like an IDE drive, and I've booted it with a very stripped down but still very functional OS 9 system. OS 8 should be easy to fit. It's just been sitting in a box for a year.

256MB Simpletech flash IDE drive: $50
Just like above only easily fits OS 9.x, plus some apps if you trim the OS a little bit.

7500 m/b in a 7200 case: make a reasonable offer
Comes with a 200 mhz 604e from a 7300, a level 2 cache (really couldn't tell you the size, it's been sitting for a long time) and the A/V module. I don't think there's any VRAM in it. If you want just the motherboard/parts, that's cool.

Last seen: 8 years 1 month ago
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Sawtooth stuff sold

This is a pretty old post, but I'm still getting inquiries about the Sawtooth... Sorry, but the sawtooth motherboard, processor, and PSU have been sold. The 7500 is also gone. Everything else is still available.

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