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Tom and company...keep up the great work. AFF2 is a work in progress and I appreciate the overwhelming commitment of your collective time to CREATE this community for the benefit of those who have a passion for all things Apple.

I have a deep appreciation for those who VOLUNTEER their time for the benefit of others.

tony b.

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Hmm...this seems to be the only WHOLE THREAD devoted to the people who like the new site...hmm...but no one has responded... :?

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Maybe because

Most of the membership has already posted thier support of the New AF in other places. This thread exists because a few holdouts gripe about it in every post often ignoring the praise. Many of us have adopted the New AF and like it, flaws and all. Besides bugs are still being worked out, no web site is ever finished.

You are the minority here, so either accept the change or leave. I don't care either way as long as you kill the deconstructive comments. Point out the flaws would be a different story but you only complain about it. As others have posted if you haven't contributed to AF in some way you really don't have any right to complain.

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Yup. 'g3head' is correct. Act

Yup. 'g3head' is correct. Actually you will find MANY positive
comments (including mine) in the "why I DON"T like AF2 thread!
Mostly negative comments are because of unfamiliarity with the
new site (again I, too, had some doubts/questions) which are
quickly resolved with explanations, updates and help from our
fellow users.

Give it a chance. Give the creators a chance. Give yourself a
chance. It'll grow on you.

Some people march to a different drummer... I have a 52-piece orchestra playing just for me!

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I like it

Drupal seems to be a lot faster than YaBB, an even PHPbb. The interface renders correctly on most browsers (I'm using Netscape 2.0), and the options to upload data to the site in the form of a blog/image will probably become a very popular thing to do.

Tom, parrot and others have invested an incredible amout of effort into the new site, and it shows. I am wholeheartedly behind the redesign.

One quip:
Google has indexed the old Applefritter, and it has a favorable position amongst the results. Perhaps you could synchronize the content of the old (non-Drupal) site with the new (Drupal) site so users coming in from Google will see the new features of Applefritter?


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