SelectiKines StarterSet - ANIMATED Icons for use with Kineticon

SelectiKines StarterSet
Jason Rainbows' Magic Theatre Art and Design 1998

SelectiKines Starter Set is a complete collection of Animated Icons
for use with Sherman Uitzetter's amazing "Kineticon" which can be
found at;

Kineticon takes the art of the icon to the next level - animation! - it's
the greatest advancement in icon design and implimentation since the
introduction of the Mac!

But "SelectiKines" are more than just animated icons. These little
jewels are created using our special "SelectIcon" technique that
allows hidden features to appear when selected! These icons appear
just as attractive in their "selected" state as they do in their "normal"
(unselected) mode. No more ugly grayed icons!

Included in this volume;

~ HuggaKineMac - is a nice animation of a person who loves
his/her Macintosh.

~ KineHello - is another pleasant one. A character sticks his/her
head out of a monitor and waves hello at set intervals.

~ UpKineDown - A folder flips and drops a character out, who then
proceeds to right the folder and crawl back in. He/she'll do this
all day long without food or sleep.

~ KineAlien - It's alive and growing inside that folder. When you
least expect it - it jumps out and SNARLS at you in a menacing
manner - just like in the movies. If it were a real monster, it
would jump out and bite you on the nose!

~ LavaKine - I'm not groovy enough to describe this one to you.
You'll just have to use your imagination here.

~ AdelaKine - This is me and my friend Adela. Just thought
you'd like to meet us. She's a certified SpaceCadet too!

~ SmoKine - Perpetual Smoke Break! "Smoke 'em if you gott'em!"
Note to children: Wait till you're old enough to join the army
and kill other people before you start smoking cigarettes.

~ KinelyReadMe - This one is used on this ReadMe file. A simple
little text file that has an unusual condition - IT'S GROWN AN EYE!!!
RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! ...No - wait a minute. It's not THAT scary.

~ KineHotFolder - For Hot Items! Don't try this at home - I'm a
trained pixelpyrotechnician. Keep away from flammable material
such as MicroslothWord documents.

~ KineWIP - Work in progress. The opposite of the "SmoKine". This
little character is ALWAYS working! Putting this icon on your
desktop will raise your work-ethic rating at least 4 points!

Kineticon is great! Go get it! Everyone should be able to enjoy quality
animated icons on their desktops!


-Jason Rainbows

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