Duo 280c

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Duo 280c

Looking around, I realize that I have way too many toys I never get time to
play with. That said, I'm looking for offers on the following:

Duo 280c (68040LC/33, color screen)
36mb RAM
320mb Disk
MacOS 8.1 installed
Newer SCSI microdock
Floppy microdock
external floppy
AC Adapter
external battery charger (clips onto AC adapter)
3 Type III batteries (usable to various amounts, best should be at least an
Auto adapter (plug the Duo into a cigarette lighter)

Looking for best offer plus shipping from Brick, NJ 08723

Thanks for looking.

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I hate to do this....

I have attempted to contact you via Private Message and Yahoo Instant Message. Please email me at rev_darkness@ev1.net.

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