mac isight peecee logitech connection

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mac isight peecee logitech connection

hi all -
mac, panther upgrade with iSight cam - works great with other macs but shows only as a dimmed icon to a peecee user.
as a mac user, my peecee user account shows up dimmed in my iSight buddy window. doesn't even hear knocks on the door!
peecee, xp, with logitech cam doesn't see anyone, but hears the knock on the door - followed by message about suspected firewall issues - where does one start to try and remove firewall issues?

i have both 'puters on a linksys etherfast cable/dsl firewall router #befsx41 - but i don't think the firewall was 'set up' when a buddy hooked them all together last week.

and i am using AIM accounts not .mac if that has any bearing on things.





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Here's some info

Here's an Apple KB article about it:

That should answer most of your questions. You might have to look up how to do some adjustments to your router on the Linksys website.

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Make sure the built-in firewa

Make sure the built-in firewall in XP isn't running. To check, go to Start-->Settings-->Network Connections-->your network connection, then click Properties and then hit the Advanced tab.

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