External CD Rom on Mac Color Classic

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External CD Rom on Mac Color Classic

Hi there,

I recently purchased a Color Classic & upgraded the motherboard to a LC575. I also upgraded to HD to a 2 Gig.

Everything starts up just fine, however I need to install the system software - here’s where I’ve run into problems:

The Mac smiley face appears and then is followed by the “question mark

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Assuming that you have an ext

Assuming that you have an external SCSI CD-ROM drive connected, and that the install CD has on it everything that it needs to be recognized as a CD and to install the OS and repair your hard drive, simply start up with the command-option-shift-delete keys held down (the analogue of the 'c' key on later machines), and take it from there.

You have equipped your CC with the same basics as most of us do. You don't mention the hacks for the LC 575 board, but board swap can usefully follow care and feeding of the HDD with the CC board. 'A clean disk in a clean body' is how our forefathers might have put it.


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make sure the SCSI ID on the external drive is set to something other then what the internal HD is set at.

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yeah, i had a bad experience with scsi ids. Smile

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