Buffalo wifi + iBook

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Buffalo wifi + iBook


Something I discovered the other day...

Buffalo WLI-PCM-LIIGP Wifi card in iBook (original)
It's a tight fit vertically and presses against the bottom of the keyboard. Removing the RAM bay shield makes everything fit fine.

I don't need to connect the arial extension cable as I get good enough reception without. Connecting this may be a little tight but doable.


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so you simply put an ordinary

so you simply put an ordinary pc wifi card in the ibook's slot? i was considering doing the opposite with my wallstreet until i got a cisco card for it.

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The biggest problem is the sp

The biggest problem is the space for the antenna. There are a few PC Card WiFi avail tht can have the antenna removed so that they fit like an actual AP card. There are some threads about putting non-Apple cards in AirPort slots, and the main thing to check now-a-days is that the card is a 16-bit PC Card and not CardBus if it's going to be tried in an original (non-Extreme) AP slot.

Of course you can just stick a Pc Card in the PC Card slot of a WallStreet or any other PC Card capable Mac and use it as long as you have drivers or it gets recognized by the AP software.

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