An Apple-I 30th BDay Tribute

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An Apple-I 30th BDay Tribute
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This goes under the heading "Stupid Computer Tricks". Since April 1st is the 30th birthday of Apple (and the Apple-I more or less) I decided to write a tribute to Apple's 30 years written for the Apple-I. I just completed my Obtronix replica of the Apple-I and along with Vince Briel's serial adapter, wrote my first (and probably last) Apple-I program. Because the Obtronix mimics the originals 8K memory map for BASIC, and the Replica has BASIC in ROM, I had to fit it all in the lower 4K. So don't expect a whole lot. It loads at $280 and fills up the last byte in the lowest 4K. However, it should make for a great conversation piece at all your geek parties. If you want to run it on the Pom1 emulator I can add a link to the binary file if I can figur out how. Enjoy!